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Aurelia - Interview Questions
Explain some Capabilities in Aurelia?
* Write apps in ES2015+ and TypeScript.
* One simple way of creating components that work in a variety of contexts:
* Custom Elements
* Dynamically Composed UI (data-driven component composition)
* Routing/Navigation
* Modal Dialogs
* Web Components
* Progressive Enhancement
* Custom scenarios enabled through low-level access to our View Composition Engine
* Fully-extensible View Compiler, View Engine and View Resource Pipeline.
* Fully-extensible and adaptive data-binding engine.
* Powerful and flexible hierarchical dependency injection.
* Eager/Lazy/Hybrid loading of any/all application resources.
* Powerful application router with support for encapsulated child routers for multi-team, large-scale development.
* Optionally create standards-compliant Web Components or use Aurelia to "shield" you from unstable specs.
* Interoperate with any standards-compliant Web Component.
* Loosely coupled cross-component communication via publish/subscribe.
* Fully customizable application startup and plugin model.
* Enables authoring of testable, maintainable and extensible code.
* Leverage conventions to write less code and get more done.
* Little to no framework intrusion, so developers can focus on their app, not the framework.
* Application and package bundling compatible with all major build systems.