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Angular - Interview Questions
List out differences between AngularJS and Angular ?
Architecture : AngularJS uses MVC or Model-View-Controller architecture, where the Model contains the business logic, Controller processes information and View shows the information present in the Model.
Angular replaces controllers with Components. Components are nothing but directives with a predefined template.
Language : AngularJS uses JavaScript language, which is a dynamically typed language.
Angular uses TypeScript language, which is a statically typed language and is a superset of JavaScript. By using statically typed language, Angular provides better performance while developing larger applications.
Mobile Support : AngularJS does not provide mobile support.
Angular is supported by all popular mobile browsers.
Structure : While developing larger applications, the process of maintaining code becomes tedious in the case of AngularJS.
In the case of Angular, it is easier to maintain code for larger applications as it provides a better structure.
Expression Syntax : While developing an AngularJS application, a developer needs to remember the correct ng-directive for binding an event, or a property. Whereas in Angular, property binding is done using "[ ]" attribute and event binding is done using "( )" attribute.