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Swift - Interview Questions
Mention the tools required to develop iOS applications?
Following are some tools used to develop iOS applications :
Xcode : It is an iOS development tool that is used for both iOS apps and MAC OS. The graphic interface in Xcode is used to write code for iOS 8 with Apple’s Swift programming language.

Alcatraz : If you want to add Xcode in your application, you can use Alcatraz. It worked as a package manager for Xcode and used to install multiple plug-ins in your IDE. This tool is only available for Xcode 5+ and OSX 13.x+.

Marvel : It will convert sketches into collective prototypes. We can add paper sketches to the app, Adobe Creative Cloud, from Dropbox or we, can draw the sketch directly to the app. After adding the sketch, add tappable hot spots in your image to connect screens together. Now, you can export your web clip on a home page.

Cocoa Controls : It is a list of code used in iOS applications which includes more than 1000 libraries from the open-source community.