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Cyber Security - Interview Questions
Top Threats to Mobile Security.
Mobile devices suffer from a number of potential cyber threats. Some of the most common and impactful include :
Malicious Apps and Websites : Mobile devices can have mobile malware  installed on them and access malicious online content.

Mobile Ransomware : Mobile ransomware is one type of malicious app that is becoming more common and impactful as more valuable and sensitive data is stored on mobile devices.

Phishing : Mobile devices have access to a number of different communications media – email, SMS, social media, etc. – making them an ideal platform for performing phishing attacks that steal data or carry malicious content.

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks : Mobile communications do not always use secure technologies, making them vulnerable to interception for eavesdropping or modification of data.

Advanced Jailbreaking and Rooting Techniques : Jailbreaking and rooting provide elevated permissions on a mobile device, enabling an attacker to take a greater range of malicious actions.

OS Exploits : Like any other software, mobile operating systems can contain exploitable vulnerabilities that place them and their users at risk.