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What Is User Interface (UI) Design?
User interface (UI) design is an incredibly broad, multidisciplinary, and creative field. Good UI design is increasingly recognized as an essential tool to increase user engagement and create products that are both useful and visually pleasing.

UI Design Key Points :
* User interface : The means by which a person interacts with an application or hardware device
* Typography : The style and appearance of written material; the art of making type legible, readable, and appealing
* Color theory : A series of concepts and guiding principles for the visual design effects of colors and how they mix, match, and contrast
* Prototype : A sample or simulation of a final product used to test and gather feedback
* Wireframe : A layout displaying functional elements of an interface
* Breadcrumb : A way to show website users where they are in a website hierarchy (and how they got there)
* Accessibility : The concept of whether a service or product can be used by people of all abilities, irrespective of their situation
* Affordance : A feature or property of an element that help a user understand how they can interact with it.