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Edge Computing - Interview Questions
What are other possible use cases for edge computing?
Edge computing can be incorporated into a wide variety of applications, products, and services. A few possibilities include:
* Security system monitoring : As described above.

* IoT devices : Smart devices that connect to the Internet can benefit from running code on the device itself, rather than in the cloud, for more efficient user interactions.

* Self-driving cars : Autonomous vehicles need to react in real time, without waiting for instructions from a server.

* More efficient caching : By running code on a CDN edge network, an application can customize how content is cached to more efficiently serve content to users.

* Medical monitoring devices : It is crucial for medical devices to respond in real time without waiting to hear from a cloud server.

* Video conferencing : Interactive live video takes quite a bit of bandwidth, so moving backend processes closer to the source of the video can decrease lag and latency.