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Quantum Computing - Interview Questions
What are the differences between Classical Computing Vs. Quantum Computing?
The differences between classical computing and quantum computing are described in the below table :

Classical Computing Quantum Computing
Classical Computers are used for classical computing. Quantum Computers make use of the quantum computing approach.
Data is stored in bits. Data is stored in Qubits.
It performs calculations in the form of binary digits. It performs calculations on the basis of the object's probability.
It can only process a limited amount of data. It can process exponentially more data.
Logical operations are carried out using the physical state, i.e., usually binary. Logical operations are performed using the quantum state, i.e., qubits.
Fails to solve too complex and massive problems. Quantum Computers deals with complex and massive problems.
It has standardized programming languages such as Java, C, C++. It does not rely on any specific programming language.
Classical systems are used for daily purposes. These systems cannot be used for daily purposes as it is complex in nature, and scientists or engineers can use it.
It is built with CPU and other processors. It has a simple architecture and runs on the set of qubits.
It provides security to data but limited. It provides highly secured data and data encryption.
Low speed and more time taking systems. Improved speed and saves much time.