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What can I do with the Quantum Development Kit?
The Quantum Development Kit is a full-featured development kit for Q# that you can use with common tools and languages to develop quantum applications that you can run in various environments. A Q# program can compile into a standalone application, or be called by a host program that is written either in Python or a .NET language.
When you compile and run the program, it creates an instance of the quantum simulator and passes the Q# code to it. The simulator uses the Q# code to create qubits (simulations of quantum particles) and apply transformations to modify their state. The results of the quantum operations in the simulator are then returned to the program. Isolating the Q# code in the simulator ensures that the algorithms follow the laws of quantum physics and can run correctly on quantum computers.
The following diagram shows the stages through which a quantum program goes from idea to complete implementation on Azure Quantum, and the tools offered by the QDK for each stage.

Quantum Development Kit
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