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ml5.js - Interview Questions
What does ml5.js do?
It provides immediate access to pre-trained models in the browser and we can also build and train our own neural networks in the browser from scratch. 

* Ml5.js also provides friendly API to get access to more human-readable results and draw those results on the canvas with, for example, p5.js.

* We can create a neural network that classifies RGB values into common color names.
* With ml5.js, we can load the data, create model, train it and run the model.
* Ml5 has a wide collection of image, sound and text-based models with a variety of applications, such as detecting objects, human bodies, hand poses and faces, generating text, images and drawings, implementing image translations, classifying audios, detecting pitch and analyzing words and sentences.
* Ml5.js also provides NeuralNetwork, FeatureExtractor, KNNClassifier and KMeans as helper functions.