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Edge Computing - Interview Questions
What is Disadvantages of Edge Computing?
There are the following disadvantages of edge computing :
* Edge Computing requires more storage as data will be placed and processed at different and various locations.

* As in edge computing, data is kept on distributed locations, and security becomes a challenging task in such an environment. It often becomes risky to identify thefts and cybersecurity issues. Also, if some new IoT devices are added, it can open gates for the attackers for harming the data.

* It is known that edge computing saves many expenses in purchasing new devices, but edge computing is also expensive. It means the cost is too high.

* It needs advanced infrastructure for processing data in an advanced way.

* However, edge computing fails to pool resources in a resource pool. It means it is not capable of performing resource pooling.

* It has a limit to a smaller number of peripherals only.