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What is SPA in Angular?
SPA means Single Page Applications. Such web applications load the HTML, CSS or JS of the page once, and don’t require reloading within page-to-page navigation.
Though being not an absolutely new solution, SPAs have been growing in popularity recently. Here are three main SPA Advantages.
On SPA, the page navigation seems to be quick enough thank to caching process. It means that an application will not load the whole page at the request of a user, it will only download the required parts.
2.Caching process
On the one hand, an application never stops checking if the previously downloaded data remains the same to update it when needed. So, the app doesn’t waste time loading the whole page again and again. On the other hand, the Multiple Page Application successfully uses caching as well, though the download speed here depends more on business needs and can be increased if necessary.
UX design in SPA is generally better and more pleasant for an end-user. A great SPA advantage and the main reason for turning to SPA is its high interactivity and possibility to work offline. Thus, it seems that you’re dealing with a desktop application rather than with a web page.
So, Single Page Application built in Angular is quick to build and easy to use, though it possesses some cons as well as pros.