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What is Workflow in WebMethods? and How to create Workflow?
To get started with Integration, you first need to create a workflow. Workflow is a connection between two or more web apps or services. It’s like a set of steps required to perform a task. You define these steps once and Integration automates the execution for you, every time.
In simple words, creating a workflow is like defining your conditions : When an event occurs in ‘Service A’, do something in ‘Service B’, and (optionally) pass on the data to ‘Service C’, ‘Service D’, and ‘Service E. Integration offers hundreds of web services for workflows. With the help of these, you can create custom workflows by defining triggers and actions, and automate almost every aspect of your work life.
Example : Let’s look at an example to understand it a little better.
* When a new note is created in my Evernote account, translate the note in Spanish (using Google Translate Text), and send the translated text to my Gmail account.
* When a new bug is created in Zoho Projects, create a new card in Trello, and send me a text message on my mobile phone.
Once you define this, Integration will take care of the rest.
Now that you know what Integration is, let’s learn how to create your first workflow.