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Edge Computing - Interview Questions
What is a Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing?
Although edge computing does not replace cloud computing technology, the emergence will certainly reduce and impact cloud computing. On the other hand, edge computing will enhance cloud computing technology by providing less complex solutions for handling messy data. Both these technologies have its own purpose and use, below we have discussed several points that distinguish between edge and cloud computing :

Edge Computing Cloud Computing
It is good to be used for those organizations that have a limited budget to invest in financial resources. So, mid-level organizations can use edge computing. It is generally recommended for processing and managing a high volume of data that is complex and massive enough. Thus, such organizations that deal with huge data storage use cloud computing.
It can use different programming languages on different platforms, each having different runtime. Cloud Computing works for one target platform using one programming language only.
Security in edge computing needs tight and robust plans such as advanced authentication methods, network security, etc. It does not need high and advanced security methods.
It processes time-sensitive data. It process that data that is not driven by time, i.e., not time-driven.
It processes data at remote locations and uses the Decentralization approach. It processes and deals with data at centralized locations by using a centralized approach.
Organizations can indulge in edge computing with the existing IoT devices, advance them, and use them. There is no need to purchase new devices. For advancement, existing IoT devices need to be exchanged with the new ones that will cost more money and time.
Edge Computing is the upcoming future. Cloud Computing is the currently existing technology.