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Cognitive Computing - Interview Questions
What is cognitive computing?
Cognitive computing is the use of computerized models to simulate the human thought process in complex situations where the answers may be ambiguous and uncertain. The phrase is closely associated with IBM's cognitive computer system, Watson.
Computers are faster than humans at processing and calculating, but they have yet to master some tasks, such as understanding natural language and recognizing objects in an image. Cognitive computing is an attempt to have computers mimic the way a human brain works.
To accomplish this, cognitive computing makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other underlying technologies, including the following:
* expert systems
* neural networks
* machine learning
* deep learning
* natural language processing (NLP)
* speech recognition
* object recognition
* robotics

Cognitive computing uses these processes in conjunction with self-learning algorithms, data analysis and pattern recognition to teach computing systems. The learning technology can be used for speech recognition, sentiment analysis, risk assessments, face detection and more.