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Cognitive Computing - Interview Questions
What is the Future of Cognitive Computing?
Cognitive computing is the miniature of human notion and thought process in a computerized environment. It is a cumulativeness of self-learning systems which incorporates pattern recognition, data mining and natural language processing(NLP) to impersonate the way the human brain works. The main objective of cognitive computing is to create self-operating computerized systems that are proficient in solving even complex problems without any human help or intrusion. 

The cognitive process can be comprehended in a much simple way as “the mechanism which uses the existing knowledge for generating new knowledge”. The main theme of cognition is closely related to abstract concepts such as mind, perception, and intelligence. It is like understanding the obligation of a human brain and working on human kinds of issues. Such systems and set-up continually gain knowledge from the data. Cognitive computing system consolidates data from diverse and miscellaneous information sources while considering context and conflicting evidence to suggest the best feasible answers. 

It is one of the classifications of technologies that uses machine learning and Natural Languages Processing(NLP) to enable people and machines to interact and gain understanding more naturally for magnification of human expertise, perception, and cognition.