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Why Angular is the Most Popular Framework in Modern Application Development ?
  Angular is the platform that makes it easy to develop robust web applications. It unites the declarative templates, dependency injection, the end to end tooling and integrated the top perform to resolve the development challenges of developers. Angular authorizes developers to develop applications that could live on the web and mobile respectively.
  The framework, written in pure JavaScript, was intended to decouple an application’s logic from DOM manipulation, and aimed at dynamic page updates.
  It was aimed to help both developers and designers to build web applications by simply using the HTML tag. And it was officially released in 2010 by Google engineers.
  In 2010, this framework’s main benefit was, it let you turn HTML-based documents into dynamic content. It can synchronize data automatically with models and views. So, developing with Angular became easier and faster like never before.
  Thereafter Google has released various versions of Angular framework with the respective time frame. Currently, we have the Angular 9 and version 10 is in the pipeline.