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Advantages & Disadvantages Of SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s natural, or unpaid, results. SEO has advantages but also disadvantages that require careful consideration before you decide on taking that route to grow your business.


The huge benefit of SEO is that you can have several positions in the search results for the same query. Indeed, while Google allows only one result per advertiser in the case of sponsored ads on Google Adwords (except on Google Shopping).
Here, are important benefits\ pros of using SEO :
* SEO is the easiest method which helps you to make your site visible
* Various SEO techniques help you to get more traffic on your websites.
* The most effective way for the branding of your product on Google.
* Increase visibility on Search Engines.
* Convert a local business into International Business.
* SEO methods allow search engines to find out what each page is about and how it can use for users.


As everything cannot be perfect, I’m going to have to talk about some of the disadvantages of SEO. 
Here are cons/drawbacks of using Search Engine Optimization :
* The first disadvantage is that it takes time (a lot of time) and effort. When starting a SEO strategy, we are super motivated and have tons of ideas. 
* The second disadvantage that often discourages people is the fact that you will not immediately see the results of your work. Indeed, it is said that on average it takes 3 to 6 months to actually measure the impact of an SEO strategy on traffic and the performance of a site. Now you’re probably saying you do not have 6 months before you start to see results.
* The major disadvantage of SEO is that everything must have a good foundation to achieve sustainable results. Indeed, more and more people and companies are using SEO techniques on Google and the competition is increasingly fierce.
* Not a very transparent process so there are plenty of things to consider for measuring it.
* There are so many things which are not in your control, so it requires constant efforts & optimizations.
* Combination of skills - tech + content + analytics.