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Search Engine vs Web portal

Search Engine :

A search engine is an internet-based software which helps us to search an index of documents for a certain definition, phrase, or text. It is mostly used to refer to large web-based search engines that search through billions of pages on the internet.

A search engine consists of two main things : a database of information, and algorithms that compute which results to return and rank for a given query.

In the case of web search engines like Google, the database consists of trillions of web pages, and the algorithms look at hundreds of factors to deliver the most relevant results.

When a user enters a query into a search engine, a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is returned, ranking the found pages in order of their relevance. How this ranking is done differs across search engines.

Web portal :

A web portal is a private location on the internet where the user has an account to access the website. Portals are informative and hence have deeper insight and depth of content compared to a search engine Without a Unique URL, USERNAME, and PASSWORD you cannot enter the web portal example of PORTALs are Gmail, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc,. where to access the contents you must have a unique username and password.

Functions of Web Portal :

* Upgrading your website - Web Portal development help you in improving the capability of the web pages that help you deliver a quality information.

* Domain Specific - Domain Specific development of web portals helps you attract the users that seek information and services on that domain. Thus, helping you attract a particular area of domain.

* Languages and Frameworks prominently used in developing web portals - Since web portals are differently designed websites, the languages are similar that we use in building and web designing services in a website development. Thus, the top 10 frameworks that we use in building web portals are 1. Angular 2. React.JS 3. NodeJS 4. Ruby on Rails 5. Codeigniter 6. Asp.Net 7. Yii 8. Laravel 9. CakePHP 10. Metor.JS.

* Process of web portal designing services - Web portal development and designing is a complex art as its functionality is highly difficult to render. The complex process of web portal development includes similar steps as website development.

* Improves Relations immensely - It helps in enhanced customer-company relations as it helps in improving their customer relations by providing high-end and filtered information on a user-friendly and comprehensive platform.