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Discus Throw Para-Athlete Who was banned in Tokyo for intentional misrepresentation?
Deepa Malik
Yogesh Kathuniya
Vinod Kumar
Devendra Jhajharia

Correct Answer : Option (C) - Vinod Kumar

Para-athlete Vinod Kumar, who had won the bronze medal in the discus throw event (F52 category) at the Tokyo Paralympics last August, was on Tuesday(31st May 2022) suspended for two years for ‘intentional misrepresentation’ of his abilities.
Accusing the Indian of cheating, World Para Athletics, in a statement on its website, said the Board of Appeal of Classification (BAC) imposed the two-year sanction that will make Kumar ineligible to compete in para-athletics competitions until August 2023.

“The World Para Athletics commenced disciplinary proceedings with the BAC after Kumar intentionally misrepresented his abilities when he presented for classification at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” the world body said in a statement.

“Under the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations, it is a disciplinary offence for an athlete to intentionally misrepresent their skills or abilities and/or the degree or nature of their impairment. It is also a disciplinary offence for any athlete support person to assist, conceal or be complicit in any Intentional Misrepresentation by an athlete.”
At the Games, Kumar had produced a best throw of 19.91m to finish third behind Piotr Kosewicz (20.02m) of Poland and Velimir Sandor (19.98m) of Croatia. Soon after the event, however, the results were put under review. A day later, the organisers announced the ‘amendment’ of the result..

Source : Indian Express

Published On : June 3, 2022
Category : Sports