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Government of India has increased the maximum tenure of Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Public Sector Banks (PSB) from five years to how many years?
6 Years
8 Years
10 Years
12 Years

Correct Answer : Option (C) - 10 Years

The government has raised the maximum tenure of the managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO) of public sector banks (PSBs) to 10 years from 5 years, while retaining the superannuation age at 60.
The move will help the government retain talents, who rise through the ranks relatively quickly at state-run banks. It will also enable the PSBs to have relatively young leadership teams that will be in a better position to realise a longer-term vision.
The change in the rule also applies to the whole-time directors of central public-sector enterprises, a senior government official said. It will benefit those whole-time directors who have joined the board at a relatively young age of 45-50 years.
The Nationalised Banks (Management and Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Scheme, 2022, notified by the government, said : “A whole-time director, including the managing director, shall devote his whole time to the affairs of the nationalised bank and hold office for such initial term not exceeding five years and extendable up to a total period, including the initial term, not exceeding 10 years, as the central government may, after consultation with the Reserve Bank, specify and shall be eligible for reappointment.”..

Source : Indian Express

Published On : November 19, 2022
Category : Banking