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RBI reported that India's foreign exchange reserves rose by how many million dollars to 532.868 billion dollars due to rise in gold assets?
USD 204 million
USD 218 million
USD 236 million
USD 264 million

Correct Answer : Option (A) - USD 204 million

India's forex reserves rose by 204 million to 532.868 billion US dollar for the week ended October 7, 2022 on an increase in the value of gold holdings
Reserve Bank said that in the previous reporting week, the overall reserves had dropped by 4.854 billion to 532.664 billion US dollars.
The reserves had been falling for many weeks now as the central bank deploys the kitty to defend the rupee amid pressures caused majorly by global developments.
In October 2021, country's forex kitty had reached an all-time high of 645 billion US dollars..

Source : AIR

Published On : October 18, 2022
Category : Indian Economy