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Two cases of Norovirus have been discovered in which Indian state?
Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Kerala

The Kerala government confirmed two cases of Norovirus in children on June 5, 2022. Kerala Health Minister Veena George confirmed that norovirus infection has been detected in two children in the Vizhinjam area of capital Thiruvananthapuram and their health condition is stable.

Norovirus, which spreads through contaminated food and water, is known to be 'highly contagious'.

What is Norovirus?
Norovirus is a contagious virus that induces vomiting and diarrhea upon infection. Due to its impact on the gastrointestinal system of the body, the virus is also called as stomach flu or stomach bug. Not just kids, anyone can get affected by the Norovirus. These viruses are notorious in spreading quickly through contaminated foods and surfaces. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that one can get Norovirus infection several times in life as there are different types of these viruses and infection from one, does not provide protection against the rest of them. As per a research study, "human norovirus, previously known as Norwalk virus, was first identified in stool specimens collected during an outbreak of gastroenteritis in Norwalk, OH, and was the first viral agent shown to cause gastroenteritis. Illness due to this virus was initially described in 1929 as “winter vomiting disease” due to its seasonal predilection and the frequent preponderance of patients with vomiting as a primary symptom. "The virus was identified following an outbreak in 1968. During that time, 98% of the infected individuals complained of nausea, 92% of vomiting, 58% had abdominal cramps, 52% complained of lethargy, 38% had diarrhea, and 34% had fever.

Source : Times of India

Published On : June 6, 2022
Category : Diseases