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What is the name of India's first private rocket from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched at Sriharikota on 18th Nov 2022?
Vikram V
Vikram S
Vikram I
Vikram A

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Vikram S

India’s space sector has scaled a new peak on Friday(18th Nov 2022) with the successful launch of the country’s first-ever private rocketVikram-S Suborbital Flight (Prarambh mission) from Sounding Rocket Complex in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
* The Hyderabad-based space start-up Skyroot Aerospace’s rocket "Vikram-S" with three small satellites blasted off the small launcher at the Satish Dhawan Space Research Centre, Sriharikota, at 11.30 am.
* Weighing 545-kg and 6-metre tall, the rocket left the launcher to reach the apogee of 89.5 km (and 115.8 km from the shore) at 139.93 seconds. It took a turn and had a splashdown in the Bay of Bengal at 290.97 seconds.
* The flight was launched to prove avionics systems in Vikram series like telemetry, tracking, inertial measurement, GPS, on-board camera, data acquisition and power systems.
* The success will pave the way for similar launches by private players in the coming years. The Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos plans to have a test launch of its rocket in December from Sriharikota.
* It took nearly two years for Skyroot to build the rocket using carbon composite structures and 3D-printed components. Founded by Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka in 2018, the company has 200 employees, and is the largest private space start-up in India with ₹526 crore raised as capital till date.
* Union Minister Jitendra Singh was present in the mission control room to witness the historic launch..

Source : The Hindu Businessline

Published On : November 18, 2022
Category : Space