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Which Army conducted exercise 'Skylight' to test satellite-based systems?
China Army
Indian Army
Russia Army
United States Army

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Indian Army

The Indian Army conducted a pan-India exercise to test and validate its entire satellite-based communication network to ensure operational readiness in case of a conflict in the future.
Called ‘Skylight’, the exercise was conducted from 25 to 29 July.
Sources in the defence and security establishment said the exercise involved all kinds of satellite communication, from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to Ladakh, where India and China have engaged in a military stand-off for the past two years.
Sources also said the exercise not only validated protocols to switch completely to satellite-based communication in case of a conflict but also brought to light key lacunae in the systems, especially in the context of a situation arising with China.
“Conflict situations demand space-based communication because we are going by the assumption that the primary means of communication — terrestrial mediagets disrupted,” a source said, on the condition of anonymity.
Sources said that during the operation, multiple satellite bands were used to communicate and also transfer data.
The assets that were put to test included the static satellite communication systems, the vehicle laden transportable ones and also the man portable systems for their voice and data capability..

Source : The Print

Published On : August 8, 2022
Category : Defence