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Which Bank launches customisable credit card, LIT(Live It Today)?
Federal Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank
AU Small Finance Bank
Equitas Small Finance Bank

Correct Answer : Option (C) - AU Small Finance Bank

AU Small Finance Bank has launched(23rd June 2022) an innovative Credit Card product that brings a revolutionary change in the credit card landscape. The AU Bank LIT (Live-It-Today) Credit Card, by the largest small finance bank and one of the fastest-growing retail banks in India, offers a unique value proposition to cardholders – to choose the features they want and for the time period they want.
While credit card companies offer attractive products in different categories, it is often difficult for customers to find the combination of all such features in one single card. This forces them to opt for multiple credit cards offering specific category rewards like Travel card for maximising travel related spends or co-branded cards for shopping on specific e-commerce sites. With the LIT Credit Card, the Bank has put the power to choose these features in the hands of the customers – all categories in one card. Further, they also get the freedom to switch on or off these features as per their changing lifestyle requirements..

Source : Free Press Journal

Published On : June 24, 2022
Category : Banking