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Which Finance company launches(23rd Aug 2022) Milligram Gold Point programme for customers?
Muthoot Finance
Mahindra Finance
IIFL and India Infoline
Manappuram Finance Limited

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Muthoot Finance

Gold loan NBFC "Muthoot Finance" today (August 23, 2022) announced the launch of the ‘Milligram Reward Programme’ for its customers. Under this reward programme, all transactions with The Muthoot Group will be rewarded with at least a milligram of gold. 
The NFBC said in a statement that the two-year long programme aims to strengthen the relationship between customers and bring back inactive customers.
The NBFC further said that for the first time in India a customer reward programme is being run in 24-carat gold. The reward programme will be applicable for 30 plus services offered by the company. 
“All the customers who transact with the company – even availing gold loans and repaying the gold loan interests will be rewarded through the programme. Every customer referral transaction with the company will earn 20 mg of gold as well,” the statement said.
Annually Rs 50 crore worth of gold (100 kg) is expected to be paid off through the programme. The ‘Milligram Reward Programme’ will be effective for all transactions from April 01, 2022 onwards,” it added..

Source : Financial Express

Published On : August 23, 2022
Category : Insurance and Finance