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Which Indian Naval Ship reached Port Grequhrea, South Africa and will participate in the seventh edition of IBSAMAR?
INS Tabar
INS Talwar
INS Tarkash
INS Trikand

Correct Answer : Option (C) - INS Tarkash

INS Tarkash reached Port Grequhrea, also known as Port Elizabeth in South Africa to participate in the seventh edition of IBSAMAR, a joint multinational maritime exercise among Indian, Brazilian and South African Navies.

The harbour phase of IBSAMAR VII includes professional exchanges such as damage control and fire-fighting drills, and interaction among special forces.
The Indian Navy is represented by the Teg class guided missile frigate, INS Tarkash, a Chetak helicopter and the personnel from the Marine Commando Force (MARCOS).
The Joint Maritime Exercise will strengthen maritime security, joint operational training, sharing of best practices and building interoperability to address common maritime threats.
The previous edition of IBSAMAR (IBSAMAR VI) was conducted off Simons Town, in South Africa in October 2018..

Source : AIR

Published On : October 13, 2022
Category : Defence