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Which Indian state received the highest FDI equity inflow in the financial year 2021-22?
Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer : Option (C) - Karnataka

Singapore, the USA, and Mauritius are the top three sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity inflows to India, and these countries together accounted for around 61 per cent of the total overseas investment in the country during the financial year 2021-22, according to government data released on Thursday.
Singapore is the biggest source of FDI equity inflow into India, accounting for 27.01 per cent of the total inflow. With 17.94 per cent of the total FDI equity inflow, United States of America is the second biggest source.
The top 5 sectors receiving the highest FDI Equity Inflow during FY 2021-22 are Computer Software & Hardware (24.60 per cent), Services Sector (Finance, Banking, Insurance, Non Fin/Business, Outsourcing, R&D, Courier, Tech. Testing and Analysis, Other) (12.13 per cent), Automobile Industry (11.89 per cent), Trading 7.72 per cent and Construction (Infrastructure) Activities (5.52 per cent).
* The top 5 States receiving the highest FDI Equity Inflow during FY 2021-22 are Karnataka (37.55 per cent), Maharashtra (26.26 per cent), Delhi (13.93 per cent), Tamil Nadu (5.10 per cent) and Haryana (4.76 per cent).
During FY 2021-22 FDI has been reported from 101 countries, whereas, it was reported from 97 countries during the previous FY 2020-21..

Source : Theprint

Published On : July 28, 2022
Category : Indian Economy