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Which country Navy has completed a complex test of the Gabriel V anti-ship missile system from Sa'ar 6 Corvette?
Israeli Navy
India Navy
USA Navy
Russia Navy

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Israeli Navy

The Israeli Navy completed a complex test of the Gabriel V anti-ship missile system in August. This was the first anti-ship missile test from the new Sa’ar 6 corvette of the Israeli Navy. The IDF announced the successful test firing 21st Sep 2022. According to the IDF, the test firing was also an opportunity to test the combat systems of INS Oz, the second Sa’ar 6-class corvette.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) CEO Boaz Levy also commented on the recent test firing, saying, “IAI is proud of the success of the test conducted with the Gabriel 5 missile aboard the advanced Sa’ar 6 ships, and of the close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Navy. The combination of these capabilities on the Sa’ar 6 is a leap and a significant step in the field of naval warfare to protect the strategic assets of the State of Israel.

Range : over 200 km
Seeker : Active radar seeker with advanced anti-jam features, all-weather capability, wide search range, and good discrimination resolution
Warhead : Penetrating warhead
Engine : Jet engine
Navigation : GPS / INS, multiple waypoints
Length : 5.5 m
Weight : 1250 kg
Speed : Subsonic

Manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, IAI..

Source : Naval News

Published On : September 25, 2022
Category : Defence