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Which malware attack caused 50 apps to be removed from Google Play Store in July 2022?
Adware malware
Worms malware
Rootkits malware
Joker malware

Correct Answer : Option (D) - Joker malware

Joker malware infected 50 apps on the Google Play Store, according to Zscaler Threatlabz. Google swiftly removed them from its app store. However, if you still happen to have any of them loaded on your smartphone, you must uninstall them right away and check out one of our top mobile antivirus programmes to clean your phone of any malware leftovers.
The Joker, Facestealer, and Coper malware families have recently been found to be spreading through apps, according to the Zscaler ThreatLabz team. The malicious apps were swiftly deleted from the Google Play Store when the ThreatLabz team immediately alerted the Google Android Security team of these newly discovered dangers.
What is Joker Malware?
Joker is one of the most well-known malware families that preys on Android mobile devices. Even though this particular malware is well known, it nevertheless manages to get into Google's official app store by periodically updating its trail signatures, which also includes updates to the virus's code, execution processes, and payload-retrieval techniques. In addition to stealing the victim's contacts, device data, and SMS messages, this virus aims to sign the victim up for pricey wireless application protocol (WAP) services.
To date, ThreatLabz has found more than 50 different Joker downloading apps on the Play Store. Together, these apps have been downloaded more than 300,000 times, and most of them fit into one of the following categories: Communication, Health, Personalization, Photography and Tools..

Source : Mint

Published On : July 23, 2022
Category : Science and Technology