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Who among the following was declared the winner of 'Delhi Half Marathon 2022' on 16 October 2022?
Avinash Sable
Karthik Kumar
Ankit Yadav
Avinash Sabrabal

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Avinash Sable

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games Avinash Sable, won the Indian elite race at the Delhi Half Marathon 2022 on 16 October 2022, beating Kartik Kumar by a margin of 0.04 seconds.
Both Sable and Kartik clocked 1:04:00 seconds. Avinash Sable was eventually declared the winner by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) technical officials after reviewing the footage.

Avinash Sable also won the last Delhi half marathon held in 2020. The distance in the Delhi half marathon is 21.097 Kilometers, while in the normal marathon the distance is 42.195 Kilometers.

In the Indian women’s elite race, Sanjivani Jadhav bagged the crown with a timing of 1:17:53.

Ethiopia’s Chala Regasa and Kenya’s Irine Cheptai, won the international men’s and women’s elite races, respectively..

Source : Olympics

Published On : October 18, 2022
Category : Sports