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Who became the first athlete to win gold in 'Yogasana' at the 36th National Games?
Pooja Patel
Nivedha Singh
Sneha Kumari
Poonam Yadav

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Pooja Patel

Gujarat's Pooja Patel on Sunday(9th Oct 2022) scripted history as she became the first athlete to win gold in Yogasana at the ongoing 36th National Games.
Yogasana is one of the five sports that has been included in the National Games for the first time in history. Pooja won the gold medal in Yogasana in the traditional category which also includes sports such as Kabaddi, Kho Kho, and Mallakhamba. Pooja has written her name in the history books with a flawless performance at the Games.
The 36th edition of the National Games is taking place in six cities of Gujarat. The event began on September 29 and will end on October 12.

Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, and Bhavnagar are the cities hosting the competition (only the track cycling event will take place in Delhi).
As far as the medal table of the 36th National Games is concerned, Services Sports Control Board is leading the chart with a total of 113 medals, including 51 gold, 33 silver, and 29 bronze. Haryana is second on the table with 95 medals (31 gold, 29 silver, 35 bronze), followed by Maharashtra (119), Karnataka (84), and Tamil Nadu (67). Maharashtra has fewer gold medals than Haryana, which is why it has been placed third on the table.
About the Yogasana : The word yogasana is derived from two Sanskrit words, Yuj meaning unite and Asana meaning body postures. Yogasana is a sport that focuses on the physical aspect of yoga, where players have to perform yogic postures and are judged on their difficulty, balance, control, flexibility and endurance..

Source : Republic World

Published On : October 11, 2022
Category : Sports