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Who has become the Indian Army’s first woman skydiver?
Arti Sarin
Lance Naik Manju
Abhilasha Barak
Rajshree Ramasethu

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Lance Naik Manju

Lance Naik Manju after jumping from a height of 10,000 ft on 17th November 2022. She became the first woman soldier skydiver of the Indian Army to conquer this achievement.
Manju jumped off from Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv chopper and belonged to the Eastern Command of the corps of Military Police
It is a historic achievement for the Indian Army and the Eastern Command stated that it would set an example for other women in the Indian Army. She was trained by the skydiving training team of the Indian Army’s Adventure Wing for the jump.
Army Adventure Wing (AAW) is part of the Indian Army under the Director General of Military training. AAW is responsible for planning, coordinating and promoting adventure activities of the Indian Army.
It is not the same adventure as the general public is exposed to, it only includes activities possessing high risk with operational benefits to the army. 
Presently AAW conducts training in 19 different adventure disciplines categorised under three fields of Aero, Aqua and Land. There are 28 training centres under the AAW all around the country. AAW provides specialised training and certification to all volunteers having the zeal and enthusiasm to pursue adventure activities..

Source : News on Air

Published On : November 18, 2022
Category : Defence