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Who has been conferred with the "Best Drone Organization Start-up Category" by Airwards for its approach of helping local communities?
IG Drones
Skylark Drones
Equinox's Drones
Asteria Aerospace Limited

Correct Answer : Option (A) - IG Drones

The Delhi-based leading Drone enterprise platform company "IG Drones" has been felicitated with the “Best Drone Organization – Start-up Category” by Airwards. IG Drones has been selected for the award for its approach of helping local communities and giving access to technology to various stakeholders during natural disasters and calamities.
Airwards is The first panoptic global awards programme of its kind dedicated to identifying, recognising and championing the breadth of positive drone use cases from around the world which are innovative, safe and having a real-world impact.
Over 120 global submissions were judged by 38 drone experts and business leaders to award this year’s 18 Airwards main category winners. Announced during the second-ever Airwards Winners’ Week (23-31 May 2022), the winners have been recognised by Airwards as the pinnacle in innovative, responsible, and impactful projects made possible with drones.
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Source : Outlook India

Published On : June 28, 2022
Category : Awards