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Who has released a book titled "Lockdown Lyrics", a collection of poems written by Sanjukta Dash?
Droupadi Murmu
Naveen Patnaik
Narendra Modi
Dharmendra Pradhan

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Naveen Patnaik

Odisha Chief Minister "Naveen Patnaik" released a book titled 'Lockdown Lyrics', a collection of poems written on experiences and exasperations during the pandemic.
* The book poet Sanjukta Dash has reflected on the traumas and tribulations, and hopes and aspirations of humanity during this most critical journey of society in a long time.
* The chief minister appreciated the creative genius of Dash who has "mirrored emotions of all of us during this difficult times of the pandemic".
* Dash is a well-known name in Odia's literary world. She has three anthology of poetries in Odia -- Antaswar, Amrut Anwesha and Apekshare Ebe Bi.
* Lockdown Lyrics' is her debut endeavor in English, published by Authors Press New Delhi..

Source : Outlook India

Published On : August 2, 2022
Category : Books and Authors