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Who is Launches Digital Savings A/C Partnering With Equitas Small Finance Bank?
Federal Bank
Emirates NBD

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Freo

Freo, one of India’s leading consumer neobank, on Tuesday(21st June 2022) launched its digital savings account "Freo Save", in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank. With this launch, Freo becomes the first consumer Neobank in the country to provide full-stack neobanking products comprising a smart savings account, credit and payments products, cards, wealth-growth products, and more, slated for the future.
According to the RBI, almost 60 per cent of Indians still use public-sector banks. Also, in a survey conducted in 1000 cities where Freo is present, respondents said they wanted a digital savings account that offers them a wide variety of products and features including easier access to credit, higher interest, and better ways to grow their money all accessible digitally at the touch of a button. 
The above is why Freo Save offers quick access to credit & shopping, & through its partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank provides up to 7 per cent interest on customers' savings for balances above Rs 5 Lakhs up to Rs 2 crore, all within an easy-to-use app. To underscore accessibility, Freo Save is also the only digital savings neobank app that will be available in multiple Indian languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, & more..

Source : Businessworld

Published On : June 23, 2022
Category : Banking