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Who is the author of the book "Lion of the Skies: Hardit Singh Malik"?
Cory Monteith
Ruskin Bond
Stephen Barker
Aravind Adiga

Correct Answer : Option (C) - Stephen Barker

A book titled “Lion of the Skies: Hardit Singh Malik, the Royal Air Force and the First World War” is all about an “India’s first fighter pilot” who participated in the World War, long before the Indian Air Force was born. 
The book has been written by author "Stephen Barker", who describes in great detail, how challenging it was for an Indian to serve in the British armed forces, fighting racial discrimination – both institutional and interpersonal.
During the First World War, Hardit Singh Malik served as a fighter pilot for both Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) for fighting the Germans. He is also the first Indian Ambassador to France..

Source : The Hindu Businessline

Published On : August 3, 2022
Category : Books and Authors