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Who was taken awarded the 31st Vyas Samman at a function held in New Delhi?
Mamta Kalia
Nilotpal Mrinal
Usha Priyamwada
Asghar Wajahat

Correct Answer : Option (D) - Asghar Wajahat

The 31st Vyas Samman was conferred on to well-known Hindi writer "Dr. Asghar Wajahat" at a function in New Delhi 25th August 2022. Dr. Wajahat has been chosen for the prestigious award for his play Mahabali
In his play Mahabali, Dr. Wajahat focuses on Mughal emperor Akbar and poet Tulsidas. Through the play, he attempts to answer who is the real Mahabali, the poet or the emperor.
The Vyas Samman is given by K K Birla Foundation for an outstanding literary work in Hindi authored by an Indian citizen published during the last 10 years. It carries an award of four lakh rupees along with a citation and plaque..

Source : News on Air

Published On : September 9, 2022
Category : Awards