Correct Answer : Option (D) :   India: the emerging defence manufacturing hub

Explanation : The defence ministry will hold its 11th biennial arms exhibition 'DefExpo 2020' in Lucknow, next year from February 5-8 in line with Modi government's big push to develop Uttar Pradesh as one of the two major defence manufacturing hubs. The theme of DefExpo will be "India: the emerging defence manufacturing hub'.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Metrolite

Explanation : The Union Government has proposed light urban rail transit system - 'Metrolite' - in small cities and towns having lower projection of ridership, with each train having three coaches and a restricted speed of 25 kmph. The 'Metrolite' can be developed at a lower cost in comparison with existing metro system & will also act as feeder system to high capacity Metro. The three-coach train will have capacity of carrying 300 passengers. Sources said the government would provide financial assistance to states to implement the light urban rail transit system. It will have a dedicated path separating the road traffic with it. For segregation with road traffic, fencing can be provided on either side of network. The 'Metrolite' system will have shelter platforms. Metrolite platforms will not have AFC gates, platform screen doors, X-ray and baggage scanner.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   Canberra

Explanation : Canberra is the capital city of Australia. With a population of 381,488, it is Australia's largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Rajasthan

Explanation : The Rajasthan government has launched Student Police Cadet (SPC) scheme, a Police training program, for class 8 and 9 students on July 18. The training aims to curb rising adolescent delinquency and strengthen teenagers mentally and physically. Also, it aims to make the students aware of basic laws and legal procedures.

Correct Answer : Option (A) :   Madhya Pradesh

Explanation : President Ram Nath Kovind appointed Lal Ji Tandon as the Governor of Madhya Pradesh. He will replace Anandiben Patel.

Correct Answer : Option (A) :   Tamil Nadu

Explanation : India's one of two Defence Industrial Corridors (DICs) is also planned in UP while other DIC is proposed in Tamil Nadu. These corridors encourage Defence Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), like Indian defence industry and promote Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs).

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   USA

Explanation : American tennis player John Isner wins Hall of Fame Tennis Championships title in Newport, Rhode Island. This was his 4th Hall of Fame Tennis Championships title. He defeated Alexander Bublik in straight sets by 7-6, 6-3 at the grass-court event.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   July 19, 2019

Explanation : July 19, 2019 marks the Golden Jubilee of bank nationalisation in the country.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Singapore

Explanation : In 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship 2019 held in Cuttack on 18th July, India made a record by winning gold in both men's and women's category at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The Indian women team won the gold for the first time in the history in the commonwealth games. India women's team clinched their maiden Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships title, beating Singapore 3-0 in the final. The men's team survived a stiff challenge from England in the final in Cuttack.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Lucknow

Explanation : The 11th edition of DefExpo India- 2020 is scheduled to be held for 1st time in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The biennial Expo will be a 4-day event, beginning from 5 to 8 February 2020. It offers an excellent opportunity for Indian defence industry to showcase its capabilities and promote its export potential.