Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Sikkim

Explanation : National Cadet Corps girls mountaineering expedition team of 20 from Sikkim was flagged off to Mt Tenchenkhang, situated in Western Sikkim. This is the first girls expedition team ever since 1970. This expedition was flagged off by Additional Director General Major General Sanjay Gupta in New Delhi. The expedition team is led by Lt Col Madhab Boro. It constitutes 3 officers (including Medical Officer), 17 Permanent Instructional staff and 20 NCC Girl Cadets from All India NCC directorates.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Australian National University

Explanation : Flye' a new computer program developed by Australian National University (ANU) can help develop precision medicine. It will be helpful to find out a person's genetic makeup. The research is published in Nature Biotechnology. Flye is a step-by-step procedure for computers to assemble genomes. It will enable the process to be much faster and accurate than the current best practice methods. With the use of long DNA sequences, Flye will improve the reliability of genome assemblies and lead to a range of biomedical applications. A long DNA sequence ranges between 5,000 and 20,000 DNA letters, whereas short sequences are typically 200 letters.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   Port Blair

Explanation : The 2019 Indo-Myanmar coordinated patrol (IMCOR) is taking place from 20 May to 28 May 2019 in Port Blair at Andaman and Nicobar Command. This is the 8th edition of the coordinated patrol (CORPAT) between India and Myanmar. The Indo-Myanmar coordinated patrol IMCOR began on 20th May 2019. For the Opening Ceremony of 2019 edition, Myanmar Navy Ships arrived on 20 May 2019 in Port Blair at Andaman and Nicobar Command. It will be undertaken by Myanmar ships viz. UMS King TabinShweHtee (77C) and UMS Inlay (OPV5D) with Indian Naval Ship, INS Saryu.

Correct Answer : Option (A) :   Ultima Thule

Explanation : NASA has recently discovered evidences of water, ice and organic molecules on Ultima Thule's surface, farthest place in universe. NASA has published the first profile of Ultima Thule revealing details about the complex space object.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Ministry of Corporate affairs

Explanation : The Ministry of Corporate affairs plans to introduce an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in the MCA 21 portal. The introduction seeks to make the compliance process easier as well as ensure routine enforcement activities are done on autopilot basis. It will be introduced when Ministry will roll out Version 3 of the MCA 21. Earlier this year, the ministry sought applications from service providers to develop as well as operate the upgraded version of MCA 21 system.

Correct Answer : Option (A) :   US

Explanation : The U.S. State Department has cleared $314 million in possible sales of air defense missiles to South Korea as tensions re-emerge on the Korean peninsula. South Korea, a key Asian ally of the United States, asked to buy up to 94 SM-2 missiles used by ships against air threats, along with 12 guidance systems and technical assistance for a total cost of $313.9 million. The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), a unit of the Department of Defense, delivered certification notifying Congress of the possible sale. South Korea already uses SM-2 missiles developed by Raytheon Co but is building more missile defense-capable destroyers equipped with the weapon.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   BWF

Explanation : Recently, Badminton World Federation (BWF) launched two new formats of Badminton named as AirBadminton & Triples. BWF launched AirBadminton at Guangzhou with new dimensions of the court and an innovative shuttlecock called Airshuttle. The AirBadminton will be an outdoor game as compared to traditional badminton which is indoor games. In new Triples format, the match will be played between a team which consists of three players each with at least one female player in both the team.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Tardar Sauce

Explanation : Internet sensation, Tardar Sauce commonly called Grumpy Cat passed away aged 7. This news was announced by Tabatha Bundesen from Morristown, Arizona, the owner of Grumpy Cat. It suffered from urinary tract infection. Grumpy Cat had feline dwarfism. It had become a viral internet sensation in September 2012 on Reddit in a post titled "Meet Grumpy Cat" uploaded by Tabatha's brother Bryan.At the time of death, it had 2.4 million followers on Instagram, 1.5m followers on Twitter and 8.5m likes on Facebook.Grumpy cat had contracted with meme agent Ben Lashes who managed other viral stars like Keyboard Cat, Scumbag Steve and Nyan Cat. It was also the star of its own movie "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever".It was the official "Spokescat" for Friskies and appeared on several US TV shows including Today and Good Morning America.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   HDFC Capital

Explanation : HDFC Capital Advisors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HDFC Ltd, launched a new initiative called 'HDFC Affordable Real Estate and Technology Program (HeART). It aims to mentor, partner and invest in real estate technology companies that drive innovation and efficiencies within the affordable housing ecosystem.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Anish Kapoor

Explanation : With sales estimated at Rs. 168.25 crore, London-based sculptor Anish Kapoor has topped the first edition of the Hurun India Art List. He is followed by artists Akbar Padamsee and Krishen Khanna, whose works were sold for Rs 45.84 crore and Rs 9.48 crore respectively. The Hurun Research Institute has ranked the top 50 Indian artists alive based on the sales of their works at public auction from April 2018 to March 2019. The report is based on data from top auction-houses and agencies in the industry. Hurun Report India in association with has recently unveiled the first edition of its India Art List, in which 24% of artists listed were women. Mr. Kapoor is known for using granite, marble, limestone and plaster to make geometric structures. He is the only artist to own the exclusive right to use the 'blackest black' pigment in the world developed by Vantablack.