Correct Answer : Option (A) :   Andhra Pradesh

Explanation : The Epigraphy Branch of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has discovered the earliest Sanskrit inscription to have been discovered in South India as on date. This significant finding is also the earliest epigraphic evidence for 'Saptamatrika' cult so far. The discovery was made in Chebrolu village in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The inscription came to light when some local villagers informed ASI authorities about a pillar with some engravings when they were restoring and repairing local Bheemeshwara temple.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Gujarat

Explanation : The farmlands in Gujarat border are in great threat from locust invasion. The insects were flying from Pakistan Sindh province and spread in the villages of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The locusts emerged from Sudan and Eritrea in the coast of Red Sea.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   Nashik Railway Station

Explanation : In a unique initiative to battle rising air pollution in cities, Indian Railways has opened an 'Oxygen Parlour' at Nashik railway station in Maharashtra. The initiative seeks to provide an experience of breathing clean air to the commuters.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   Bachan Singh

Explanation : Bachan Singh, Delhi's oldest voter who voted in 2019 Lok Sabha election, dies at 111.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Anoop Mishra

Explanation : Indian Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat felicitated Major Anoop Mishra with prestigious Army Design Bureau (ADB) Excellence Award for indigenously developing 'Sarvatra Kavach', a bulletproof jacket that can provide protection against various ammunition including that from sniper steel bullets. Maj. Anoop is presently posted as Instructor at College of Military Engineering, Pune and was among the four awardees felicitated by Gen. Rawat.

Correct Answer : Option (C) :   Uday Shankar

Explanation : Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) announced the appointment of Uday Shankar, APAC President, and Chairman - The Walt Disney Company. He is also the chairman of the FICCI Media and Entertainment Committee. He served as the chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox for Asia before his association with Walt Disney.

Correct Answer : Option (A) :   Rome Statute

Explanation : The International Criminal Court was established by the Rome Statute at Hague in Netherlands. The ICC is seeking to look into war crimes in the Gaza and West Bank region. However, Israel is not a signatory to the Rome Statute and is hence claiming lack of jurisdiction of ICC.

Correct Answer : Option (B) :   Pope Francis

Explanation : The applicability of ‘pontifical secrecy’ to sexual abuse of minors was abolished by the current pope, Pope Francis. Pontifical secrecy allows the Roman Catholic Church to keep certain matters in secrecy, like communications between it and papal embassies. This is in accordance with the ‘Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church’.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   Russia and Germany

Explanation : The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a project between Russia and Germany. The US government recently passed a legislation imposing sanctions on firms aiding the development of this gas connection. Russia is already a major gas supplier to the EU accounting for 40%. The pipeline will increase in the gas exports to the EU.

Correct Answer : Option (D) :   South China Sea

Explanation : The Nine Dash Line is a demarcation line in the South China Sea. It is used by China to claim sovereignty over major part of the South China Sea. Malaysia is to contest its claims at the United Nations with reference to the concept of ‘Exclusive Economic Zone’ rights.