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V. G. Kanetkar
Subby Subramaniam

Correct Answer :   Subby Subramaniam

British-Hindu Murugesvaran 'Subby' Subramaniam has been appointed as Warrant Officer of the UK's Royal Air Force, the aerial warfare and space force announced on Wednesday (5th April 2023).

In his new role, Subramaniam will advise the Chief of the Air Staff on matters concerning airmen and airwomen of the RAF. He succeeds Warrant Officer Jake Alpert.

About the Subramaniam : Subramaniam is an Air and Space Operations Manager, whose service in the last 15 years has predominantly been in the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS), Missile Warning (MW), Space Domain Awareness (SDA), and Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) field.

* He has served in the Royal Engineers with 106 Field Squadron/12 Force (Air) Support Group, 36 Engineering Regiment prior to joining the Royal Air Force in 1998.

* In 2007 Subramaniam spent the next three years at Air Command Bunker dealing with pan-government resilience operations, and he also gained Missile Warning Operator and Data Links Network Manager qualifications.

* In 2021, he was appointed as the inaugural Command Warrant Officer to the United Kingdom Space Command.

* Subramaniam was educated in Malaysia until the age of 19, he earned a Bachelor of Law and a Diploma in Higher Education in Finance and Legal Studies. He is an active member of a charity foundation, and currently studying for his Master in Business Administration Risk and Resilience at Buckinghamshire New University...

Source : The News Men

Published On : April 6, 2023
5th April
6th April
7th April
8th April

Correct Answer :   6th April

On April 6, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is celebrated to acknowledge the significance of sports and physical activity in our personal lives and communities worldwide.

* Sports play a crucial role in our society by keeping us physically active, promoting competition, and improving our overall fitness. Participating in sports can enhance self-assurance and offer valuable life lessons.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2023 Theme : The theme for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace for this year is “Scoring for People and the Planet.”

* The theme is applicable for celebrations of this event across the globe. Since the annual event is created by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), it ties with the Sustainable Development agenda of the United Nations (UN).

* This theme, like the ones that came before, focuses on how sports impacts or influences sustainable development around the world and peace as well.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace History : In its 67th session, the United Nations general Assembly adopted resolution 67/296, on August 23, 2013, by which it proclaimed April 6 as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The resolution report was published on September 18 that year. The creation of this day was supported by the International Olympic Committee.

The declaration of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace was based on past UN resolutions that sought to highlight and promote events like the International year of Sport and the Olympic Ideal, the Olympic Truce, the Olympic Ideal and helping usher in a more peaceful world by utilising the platform of sports.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2023 Significance : Sports helps encourage both physical and mental development of individuals, promotes better health, greater disease resistance, social integration, gender equality, economic development and international cooperation, brotherhood and peace. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace highlights the above possibilities every year and inspires countless people to take on sports and forge a positive world...

Source : News18

Published On : April 6, 2023
Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer :   Punjab

The Punjab government has launched the 'CM di Yogshala' program and portal in Punjab on Wednesday (5th April 2023).

* Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday (5th April 2023) blamed the Centre for the suspension of free yoga classes under the AAP government's 'Dilli Ki Yogshala' initiative but expressed hope that it will restart again, saying good things cannot be stopped.

* Aim : To create a mass movement to carve out a healthy and prosperous Punjab

* The initiative was initially launched for four cities -- Patiala, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Phagwara by Kejriwal along with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

* A 'CM di yogshala' portal was also launched on the occasion.

* Kejriwal was referring the AAP government's 'Dilli ki Yogshala' programme that offered free yoga classes and was launched in the national capital in 2021.

* The programme, however, was stopped last year amid a tussle between the city government and Lt Governor VK Saxena.

* Under the Punjab government's initiative, people could give a missed call on a helpline number 7669400500 to seek a free yoga teacher from the state government.

* Sixty people have been trained at Guru Ravidas University to teach yoga under the 'CM di Yogshala' initiative.

* "When we had started this in Delhi, gradually 17,000 people used to do yoga daily under the initiative. People were very happy as yoga keeps people healthy and keeps one active. Breathing exercises and meditation were also part of it.

* "As it (his govt's yoga initiative) was spreading in Delhi.. one day Delhi LG stopped this.. However, no one can stop good things, isn't it so?," said Kejriwal attacking the Centre.

* Kejriwal further said, "LG sahab may have stopped it, but I am hopeful that we will restart it some day again in Delhi"...

Source : Business Standard

Published On : April 6, 2023

Correct Answer :   10%

India plans to give green hydrogen fuel producers incentives worth at least 10% of their costs under a $2 billion scheme set to begin before the end of June 2023.

* New Delhi this year (2023) approved a 174.9 billion rupee incentive plan to promote green hydrogen in a bid to cut carbon dioxide emissions and become a major exporter in the sector.

* The government will give incentives worth at least 30 Indian rupees per kilogram (kg) for production of green hydrogen fuel, the official, who is directly involved but did not want to be identified because the discussions are private, told Reuters.

* The cost of manufacturing green hydrogen, which is made using renewable energy rather than power derived from fossil fuels, in India is currently at about 300 rupees per kilogram.

* The total incentive plan for the sector, the government will award about 130 billion rupees for producing green hydrogen and rest will be for manufacturing electrolysers, which are used to split hydrogen and oxygen molecules using electricity.

* India has set targets for half of its installed electricity capacity to be from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030 and for the country to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2070...

Source : India Times

Published On : April 6, 2023
250 GW
300 GW
350 GW
400 GW

Correct Answer :   250 GW

The government on Wednesday (5th April 2023) announced a plan to add 250 GW of renewable energy capacity in the next five years to achieve its target of 500 GW of clean energy by 2030.

* The government has decided to invite bids for 50 GW of renewable energy capacity annually for the next five years, i.e., from fiscal 2023–24 to fiscal 2027–28, a Ministry of New and Renewable Energy statement said.

* These annual bids of interstate transmission-connected renewable energy capacity will also include the setting up of wind power capacity of at least 10 GW per annum, it stated.

* The plan finalised by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy at a meeting chaired by Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy R. K. Singh last week is in accordance with the Prime Minister’s announcement at COP26 of achieving 500 GW of installed electricity capacity from non-fossil fuel (renewable energy and nuclear) sources by 2030.

* India currently has a total renewable energy capacity of 168.96 GW (as of Feb. 28, 2023) with about 82 GW at various stages of implementation and about 41 GW under tender.

* This includes 64.38 GW of solar power, 51.79 GW of hydropower, 42.02 GW of wind power, and 10.77 GW of biopower.

* Considering the fact that renewable energy projects take around 18–24 months for commissioning, the bid plan will add 250 GW of renewable energy and ensure 500 GW of installed capacity by 2030.

* The Ministry of Power is already working on upgrading and adding the transmission system capacity for evacuating 500 GW of electricity from non-fossil fuels, it stated...

Source : BQ Prime

Published On : April 6, 2023
United Kingdom

Correct Answer :   India

India has been elected to the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) for a four-year term beginning on 1 January 2024.

* India received a resounding 46 out of 53 votes, ahead of South Korea (23), China (19), and UAE (15).

* India was elected by secret ballot while Argentina, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Ukraine, the United Republic of Tanzania, and the United States of America were elected by acclamation.

* UNSC is the highest body of the global statistical system...

Source : India Times

Published On : April 6, 2023
K Raja Gopal
Vneet Jaain
Ajay Kapur
J P Chalasani

Correct Answer :   J P Chalasani

JP Chalasani became the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company (Suzlon Energy) on Wednesday (5th April 2023). Ashwini Kumar resigned from the post due to personal reasons, said the company in its stock filings.

* The announcement of the the successor of the CEO position of the company was held after the meeting of the Board of Directors held on Tuesday (4th April 2023).

* The board approved the appointment of JP Chalasani as the CEO with immediate effect. J P Chalasani was at key managerial positions of the company for a very long time. He had been the Group CEO of Suzlon Energy for the period from April 2016 to to July 2020.

* The company shares were trading 0.25 per cent lower at ₹8.07 per share during intraday trade on BSE on Wednesday (5th April 2023).

About JP Chalasani : Chalasani managed the Group CEO position at Suzlon between April 2016 to July 2020. Even after that, he continued to lead the company as Strategic Advisor to the Suzlon Group.

* In 40 years of carreer, Chalasani has worked in companies like Lloyd, Reliance, NTPC, etc. He has a vast experience in the public and private sector across the entire gamut of the power sector.

* During his 18 years of tenure in the Reliance group, he worked in a number of assignments for the group and also brought major changes in its functioning at different levels.

* J P Chalasani joined the Reliance Group (undivided) as a Vice President in 1995. In 2003, he was appointed to the Board of Reliance Infrastructure as Director Business Development along with Anil Ambani. Chalasani started working for the ADAG group after the demerger of the Reliance Group...

Source : Mint

Published On : April 6, 2023
Uttar Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer :   Karnataka

In India Justice Report (IJR) 2022 the State of Karnataka has achieved the top rank among the 18 large and mid-sized States with populations over one crore, as per the justice delivery namely Police, Judiciary, Prisons, and Legal Aid.

* The State of Tamil Nadu has ranked in second position and Telangana in Third. The State of Uttar Pradesh is at rank 18 which is the lowest.

* The State of Gujarat has got the fourth position and Andhra Pradesh is at slot five as per the report which was released on 4th April 2023 in New Delhi.

* The list of Seven Small States with a population less than one crore each, was topped by Sikkim which was ranked second in 2020. Sikkim has been followed by Arunachal Pradesh which was at rank 5 in 2020 [2020 and Tripura is at rank three].

* Tripura was at the rank one in 2020. In this list, the State of Goa is at rank Seven which is the lowest. The India Justice Report (IJR) was initiated by Tata Trusts in 2019, and this is the third edition.

* The foundation’s partners include the Centre for Social Justice, Common Cause, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, DAKSH, TISS-Prayas, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and How India Lives, IJR’s data partner.

* This report is based on 24-month quantitative research. The IJR 2022, like the previous two, has tracked the performance of States in capacitating their Justice delivery structures to effectively deliver mandated services.

* Based on the latest official statistics, from authoritative government sources, the report brings together otherwise siloed data on the four pillars of Justice delivery namely Police, Judiciary, Prisons, and Legal Aid.

* Each pillar was analysed through the prism of budgets, human resources, workload, diversity, infrastructure, and trends against the state’s own declared standards and benchmarks.

* This third IJR also separately assesses the capacity of the 25 State Human Rights Commissions in the country...

Source : The Hindu

Published On : April 5, 2023
Arunachal Pradesh

Correct Answer :   Nagaland

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is hosting the fourth and final B20 sessions organised in the Northeast as part of the G20 dialogue forum for the global business community today(5th April 2023).

* About 60 delegates from 27 countries are participating B20 meeting including five Ambassadors from Cuba, Iceland, Jamaica, Paraguay, one Deputy Head of Missions from Estonia, and two Council Generals from Costa Rica and Germany. 

* Besides, 24 diplomats, 39 overseas industry and 3 diplomats from G20 countries who are of Indian Origin are also participating in the event.

* Addressing the inaugural session, Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Education, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh exuded confidence that this Business 20 event in Nagaland, will give the business community a unique opportunity to know North East and examine opportunities in North East from close quarters.

* Later in the evening, the visiting delegates would be given an experience of Naga culture and tradition through the Mini Hornbill  festival at the Naga Heritage Village Kisama..

Source : AIR

Published On : April 5, 2023
Benarasi Paan
Banarasi Langda Mango
Both (A) and (B)
None of the above

Correct Answer :   Both (A) and (B)

On April 3, 2022, the Benarasi Paan, which was featured in Amitabh Bachchan’s famous song “Khaike Paan Benaras Wala,” was granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

* This means that these products have unique qualities specific to their respective regions.

* The Benarasi Paan, known for its distinct taste and unique blend of ingredients, has been awarded the GI tag along with three other Varanasi-based products: Banarasi Langda Mango, Ramnagar Bhanta (Brinjal), and Adamchini Rice.

* The expert Rajinikant, who is a Padma Awardee in GI, has confirmed the designation of these products.

* GI status helps in promoting and protecting the unique identity and quality of traditional products from a specific region, and can also help in boosting the local economy by increasing the demand for these products.

* It’s good to see that the government and organizations like NABARD are working towards promoting and protecting traditional products from different parts of India.

* Geographical Indication (GI) tag is a form of intellectual property protection that is used to recognize products originating from a particular geographical area, and which possess qualities or a reputation that are unique to that area.

* The GI tag indicates that the product has a particular quality, reputation or other characteristic that is essentially attributable to its origin in that region. It helps to protect the unique identity of such products, and to promote their marketing and export. The GI tag is granted by the Geographical Indications Registry, which operates under the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry...

Source : Business Today

Published On : April 5, 2023